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Teaching Basic Financial Concepts

8 Financial Topics Covered:

  1. Personal Budget
  2. Basic Savings Methods
  3. Basic Investment Methods
  4. Retirement Planning
  5. Building Your Credit
  6. Primary Loan Types
  7. Life Insurance – Whole Life and Term Life
  8. Planning for Your Children’s College

Realizing there is no universal tool or information package that teaches you basic financial concepts in school and not everyone learns this at home, there is strong need for a package like this one. It takes potentially challenging topics and concepts and breaks them down into small and understandable pieces.

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  3. Please Note this information can be viewed using – Chrome, Firefox, or Adobe (it cannot be viewed using Microsoft Edge).
  4. You will need access to PowerPoint to view this information.
  5. It is 57 pages of easy to read, easy to learn information.
  6. You will be allowed 3 downloads within the first 72 hours of purchase.
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