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Forman's Financial Facts – 8 Basic Financial Concepts

  • Personal budget

  • Basic savings methods

  • Basic investment methods

  • Retirement planning

  • Building your credit

  • Primary loan types

  • Life insurance – whole life and term life

  • Planning for your children's college

Clear Cut Consulting LLC
Clear Cut Consulting LLC

Charities Supported

  • 4 separate charities will benefit 

  • Supporting our veterans - (Fisher House Foundation)

  • National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI)

  • Foundation for Alcoholism Research

  • CHOP (Children's Hospital of Philadelphia)

The Information Covered in Each Section

Personal Budget

Expenses vs. Income and planning for big purchases

Basic Savings Methods

Pay yourself first, and cash is king

Basic Investment Methods

Stocks and other types of investments

Retirement Planning

401K, IRA – Individual retirement account, Roth IRA, and real estate

Building Your Credit

Credit score ranges, what the numbers mean to you, and why having strong credit is so important

Primary Loan Types

Mortgages, equity loans and lines of credit, car loans, personal loans, and school loans

Life Insurance

Fundamentals of life insurance, whole life, and term life and why it is important to put life insurance in place when you are young

Planning for Children's College

529 plans, DRIPS – dividend reinvestment plans, stocks, and other

Teaching - Learning Highlights

Personal Budget Specifics

  • Income and expenses variable and fixed are outlined

  • Shows an example of a personal budget

  • Buy this year and learn how to save for the holidays next year!

Basic Savings Specifics

  • Rule of thumb behind paying yourself first

  • Pay Yourself First examples provided

  • Saving money approaches that you can use

Basic Investment Specifics

  • Things to consider as you begin to invest

  • Some stock market information

  • A few suggestions for stock market investing

Retirement Planning Specifics

  • The importance of your 401K and the company match

  • IRA – Individual Retirement Account - control what you invest in

Building Your Credit Specifics

  • Credit Reports - 3 credit agencies

  • Fico Scores

  • What is a good credit score

Primary Loan Types Specifics

  • Mortgage rates and your credit score

  • Using your equity line of credit to upgrade your home example

  • Car loan rates and your credit score

Life Insurance

  • Understand the benefits of having life insurance in place

  • Term life insurance is generally very affordable, and how it can help your family if something happens to you

Planning for Children's College Specifics

  • 529 Plans introduction

  • Learn about DRIPS, there value, and the flexibility they provide you

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